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Research Project Report

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Master of Arts (MA)


Behavioral Science


The Behavioral Characteristic Progression (BCP) System consists of a matrix of over 2,500 behavioral areas or strands. Each strand is composed of up to 100 progressive steps or characteristics, ranging from minimal performance to normally accepted adult behavior in that area. This study reports on a reassessment of five profoundly retarded, eight severely retarded and six moderately retarded subjects randomly selected from the population' of a Behavior Modification Unit of Big Spring State Hospital. Each subject was assessed initially with-the BCP in late Fall, 1974, or Summer, 1975. Eight self help skills strands and five communication skills strands were selected for reassessment since improvement in these two areas would enhance the dignity of the subjects and free the staff for other program activities. The change scores were treated with a one-way analysis of variance. The results were not significant although change was noted in the expected direction. In the communication skills strands the moderately retarded demonstrated more change than the severely retarded and the severely retarded more than the profoundly retarded. It was concluded that a more consistent population might be found in a residential program for the mentally retarded who do not have a concomitant emotional or psychiatric problem. The instrument is one way of evaluating even profoundly retarded subjects when used in concert with other tools.


BF176.5.C66 1977



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