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Two Peas in a Pod? Exploring the Market Orientation, Innovation, and Dynamism of Mexico and Turkey's Entrepreneurial Culture

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For businesses where resources are scarce and the environment is volatile in political, economic and cultural terms, such as the current case of Mexico and Turkey businesses might suggest, the pursue of business practices that adopt a market orientation (MO) is critical to maintain market share and survive. We address whether MO and innovation and dynamism levels, relevant constructs in such volatile business environments, differ among small businesses in Mexico and Turkey. The analysis was conducted from an ownership (manager vs. owner) and gender (male vs. female) approach. Findings suggest that gender differences were not significant with respect to MO, innovation, and dynamism in Turkey. Neither there were gender differences with respect to MO in Mexico. However, women in Mexico showed a higher orientation for innovation and dynamism. Owner and manager differences towards MO, innovation, and dynamism were not found significant in both regions denoting the importance that these concepts attain regardless of being an owner and manager. Entrepreneurial forces remain focused on exhibiting a marketing concept that leads to remain as a source of income, employment, and growth