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CPA Pass Rates in Texas: A 12-Year Analysis

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This research examines the CPA exam pass rates for higher education institutions in Texas. An investigation related to the top schools and AACSB accreditation is conduction as well as analyses related to public vs. private schools, area of the state where the institution is located, and University Systems. The results reflect impressive pass rates by University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University at College Station in terms of both number of students taking the exam and the percentage passing it. There was a significant CPA rate lead with private universities only when the two outstanding public universities were omitted from the analysis. The research also found significant differences in terms of areas of the state as well as university systems. The analysis and the findings are very important to students with CPA exam success as their academic primary goal with their university education, the educational institutions preparing the students, and society as a whole. The findings may help guide both the universities and the students to better success with the exam as well as perhaps help taxpayers and legislators know how well tax money is being spent in this area.