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Model Validation of PWM DC–DC Converters

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This paper presents hybrid automaton modeling, comparative model validation, and formal verification of stability through reachability analysis of pulse width modulation (PWM) dc-dc converters. Conformance degree provides a measure of closeness between the proposed hybrid automata models and experimental data. Nondeterminism due to variations in circuit parameters is modeled using interval matrices. In direct contrast to the unsound and computationally-intensive Monte Carlo simulation, reachability analysis is introduced to overapproximate the set of reachable states and ensure stable operation of PWM dc-dc converters. Using a 200 W experimental prototype of a buck converter, hybrid automata models of open-loop, and hysteresis-controlled converters are first validated against experimental data using their conformance degrees. Next, converter stability is formally verified through reachability analysis and informally validated using Monte Carlo simulations and experimental results.


Professor Omar Beg contributed to this research while at the University of Texas at Arlington.