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May the Past Light the Way to the Future: Navigating the Changes in the Field of Management Education through Content Analyses of Papers Published in the JME from 1991-2016

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The purpose of this paper was to analyze the published research in the field of management education by focusing specifically on the Journal of Management Education (JME). As the criticisms of management education have changed dramatically over time, analyzing the focus of the JME over the past quarter-century will help us understand which criticisms have been addressed, and which still require attention. We extracted all abstracts and titles of papers published in JME since 1991, which consisted of 894 abstracts that included more than one hundred thousand words. We used the text mining software, Leximancer, which employs an unstructured machine learning approach, to extract the fundamental concepts of management education in those abstracts and determine whether research in management education addresses the current concerns in the field.


Assistant Professor Mortaza Zare was serving at the College of Business, New Mexico State University, when this article was submitted for publication.