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Voice, creativity, and big five personality traits: A meta-analysis

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Due to the benefits of voice and creativity on organizations' effectiveness, scholars have tried to understand the reasons why employees engage in voice and creativity and determine the antecedents of these behaviors, including the role of personality. Previous literature, however, has shown inconsistent results about the effect of personality on voice and creativity. Addressing these inconsistencies, the authors use a meta-analytic approach to examine these relationships and to test potential boundary conditions that might exist in these relationships. This study also seeks to provide empirical support for the previous theoretical claims of similarity between voice and creativity. Clarifying these points, the results of this meta-analysis showed that Openness to Experience, Extraversion, and Conscientiousness are good predictors of creativity and voice. The findings also reveal similar directions and magnitudes of effects sizes in most of the relationships between the Big Five, voice, and creativity, which appears to support the similarities between voice and creativity. The moderation results provide further information about the role of gender differences, the sample type (student/employee sample), and the source of rating (self/other reporting) in these relationships