College of Health Sciences & Human Performance

Date of Award


Document Type

Research Project Report

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

James Eldridge, Ed.D.

Second Advisor

Richard Lloyd, Ed.D.

Third Advisor

Steve Aicinena, Ed.D.


Alpine skiing is considered an explosive sport, requiring high-intensity repetitive muscular action. From the eighties through the early two thousands, studies have revealed the high demands placed on elite ski racers, although limited research has been conducted using recreational skiers. Expert recreational skiers and professional ski instructors are also exposed to high levels of muscular and cardiorespiratory stress, which is why it is beneficial to have a guideline for training and conditioning, much like other team and individual athletes. To date, there are few comprehensive training programs that treat the skier and professional ski instructor as an athlete who needs training guidance. Through the concept of periodization, the performance abilities of strength, power, endurance, speed, and agility are organized into appropriate training goals for specific times throughout the year and presented in this book.



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