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Pedagogical Studies


The purpose of this study was to examine the recidivism rates of students placed into a reassignment or time-out classroom in a pub ic school. A teacher who was responsible for the reassignment class room provided the researcher with information on each of the students assigned to the room. This information was in the form of a "Placement Form For Reassignment Center" and included the name of the student, grade level classification, reason for assignment, and number of assignment(s). Results of this study indicate that sophomore students had a greater rate of offenses and recidivism rates, followed by juniors and seniors. Truancy, Tardies, and Detention Hall Non-attendance were the most significant reasons for placement into the reassignment classroom, and recidivism rates ranged from approximately 40% to 100%. Without previous scientific studies concerning the use of a reassignment classroom, comparisons could not be drawn, and the effectiveness of the reassignment Qj_3_ssroom could not be accurately determined.



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