UTPB Journal of Undergraduate Research

FAQ for Reviewers

Are reviewers first invited to be reviewers?

  • Yes, we send invitations to potential reviewers who have the option to accept or decline.

How many reviewers are there per paper?

  • Generally we are having two.

What is the revision process like?

  • The reviews will be passed on to the authors, then the editors will check back to see if the revisions have been made satisfactorily.

Am I required to serve as a reviewer if the paper is given a revise resubmit?

  • Reviewers have the choice whether or not to continue to review through the revise and resubmit process.

Am I required to be a reviewer because I have had students in the URP?

  • No. No one is required to review.

Who submits papers and what type of papers are being accepted (empirical papers, reviews, commentary, etc..)?

  • Any undergraduate at UTPB can submit a paper, abstract, extended abstract, Poster or PowerPoint presentation. Recent graduates can also submit if the work was done while an undergraduate. It is not necessary that all co-authors be undergraduates at UTPB.

What is the criteria being used for acceptance?

  • We are trying to accept everyone even if that takes multiple revise and resubmit attempts. We likely will reject any who do not or cannot revise in time for deadlines.

Are there page number restrictions and formatting requirements?